Primary Science Teaching Trust Conference

"Logic is not persuasive. Neither is being right!"

16-17 June 2014 - PSTT Annual Conference

As science teachers, you deal mainly with facts and absolutes. Whether the teaching is experiential or directive the outcome is the same. Newton’s third law is still Newton’s third law, plants need water and sunlight to grow and water is still made of hydrogen and oxygen. Hopefully your pupils will be inquisitive as to why things are as they are, but few will argue that the facts are correct.

So why isn't everything that easy?
Why doesn't everyone agree with your ideas?
Why can’t they see that you are right about things? 

For forty years Huthwaite International has been researching how people verbally interact with others and through that research, defining best practice in many situations - from chairing meetings to getting your own way and from a doctor’s bedside manner to high value negotiations.

In this informative and entertaining keynote, Tony Hughes, CEO at Huthwaite International, explored a range of different situations and scenarios for what makes for good interaction. Recently some of the interactive skills have been employed with teachers and pupils from Grenoside Primary School in Sheffield and an interactive workshop will be available to examine this as a case study and to consider the benefits for other schools. 


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