Sales Innovation Expo

The Sales Innovation Expo is one of the UK's leading sales event, attracting 3,000 professional sales leaders. The event provides an opportunity for networking and hosts a number of free seminars, masterclasses, and conferences delivered by leading industry experts.

Huthwaite International are pleased to be attending the event, sharing key insights into effective negotiation techniques.

The good news: There are no born negotiators

Before you go into a negotiation are you taking the time to analyse the information you have? Using information effectively in a negotiation to shift the balance of power is a key strategy used amongst skilled negotiators. Using the right verbal behaviours can also have an impact on whether a negotiation is successful or unsuccessful.

Join Lisa Graham, Head of Business Development at Huthwaite International, to gain insights into the importance of verbal behaviours in a negotiation, and effective strategies for achieving a negotiation deal with the outcomes you want. Click here for more information.

Session details:

Wednesday 13 May: Hall 11 | 11:45 – 12:15

Thursday 14 May: Hall 11 | 13:15 – 13:45

Huthwaite will also be exhibiting at the event. If you are looking for training in Sales, Negotiation, or Communication then look no further - come and talk to us about our behavioural change methodologies.

Exhibition stand number: 1500