Sheffield Business School negotiation seminars

Huthwaite International will be delivering two one-day seminars for the Sheffield University Business School Executive MBA programme on 23 June and 1 July.

The seminars will be delivered by Ian Newall of Huthwaite. On 23 June, Ian will be joined by George Margaritas of ICAP, Huthwaite’s partner in Greece and Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Many of the students at the seminars come from these countries. This illustrates the synergy derived from two South Yorkshire organisations utilising their overlapping geographical footprints.

The seminars will cover the practical aspects of negotiations and will focus on Huthwaite’s unique behavioural methodology, where delegates are shown what it is that skilled negotiators do differently to average negotiators and are given the opportunity to practise using these same skills.

The seminars will cover an introduction to negotiation, the role of power, Huthwaite’s Behavioural Analysis methodology and what it is that makes skilled negotiators different. Delegates will have the opportunity to practise some of these skills so that they become more effective negotiators when they return to their respective countries.