SMA Netherlands Sales Event 2014

Customer Intimacy

Sales Management Association Sales Event, 6 March 2014

Increasing Customer Intimacy in a Negotiation


Marco Weijers of Huthwaite International explains the behaviours that Huthwaite uncovered, published, and has been using for 35 years to help organisations create customer intimacy and really make people successful in negotiation. In this talk you will discover what key behaviours help negotiators sell, buy and get along effectively together. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough, too seldom understood by negotiators, is that awareness of personal behavioural style, and correctly planning how to use it, has as much to do with a successful negotiated outcome as a good product, a good price, or good financial modelling.

People often talk about win-win spirit, or a co-operative environment; but how do skilled negotiators create those? It will surprise some to learn that there is such a thing as “pull” style, and that by several objective measures the components of a pull style are likely to lead to more successful outcomes. That style involves a careful strategy for managing the air time each participant has, and for avoiding behaviours that form traditional thinking in negotiation, such as counter-proposing or playing the tough guy by calling the shots and giving away as little as possible of how you feel things are going. Those are tactics that simply do not work.

Huthwaite today is engaged in constant research into how organisations sell and negotiate, but the greatest validation for this behaviour-based approach comes from the testimony of selling and buying organisations all over the world who have sought to create a conducive climate for successful negotiation outcomes, and have found the model that Marco will introduce is the one that works best.