WOLCE 2015

Join us at the World of Learning Conference

29-30 September

At Huthwaite International we believe by changing behaviour and learning from the best in the industry can and does change results for the long-term, hence our strapline ‘Change behaviour. Change results.

We have spent 40 years working with companies around the globe, implementing projects based on our behavioural change methodologies to deliver improved sales and negotiation performance.

Join us at WOLCE where we will be delivering a seminar as well as exhibiting. You can also book a meeting with us to discuss how Huthwaite can help with your sales, negotiation, and communication needs.

Seminar: Implementing behaviour change: Global success model

Join us at WOLCE 2015
where David Freedman, of Huthwaite International, will share insights into Huthwaite’s behavioural change methodologies and talk you through some of our client success stories with some of the world’s biggest companies.

Seminar key learning points:

  • Insights into Huthwaite’s behavioural change methodologies.
  • How to tackle obstacles faced by organisations in implementing behaviour change
  • Learn proven success models for smooth implementation
  • Insights into how to identify and measure success, and how to sustain skills transfer.
Join us at 12:00 noon on Tuesday 29 September, Theatre 1.

Want to know how Huthwaite's behavioural change methodologies can help your organisation? Book a meeting with us or visit us at stand B150!