World of Learning Conference and Exhibition

The secrets of effective negotiation

Huthwaite International received a great turn out at the 2014 World of Learning Conference and Exhibition (WOLCE) where David Freedman, Associate Director at Huthwaite, together with Janet Curran, Head of Thought Leadership, gave insights into the most effective negotiation behaviours and presented on key findings from Huthwaite's recent global negotiation survey.

Based on 40 years of continuing research we train thousands of people globally, every year, helping them to make or save millions. The seminar gave delegates insights into the art of negotiation and effective behaviours used by skilled negotiators. 

The World of Learning event is now in it's 22nd year and is the most comprehensive event for all aspects of Learning and Development, sharing the latest ideas and technology.

Register here to recieve a copy of the final report which will reveal some of the key finindgs from the survey.