Accreditation from the SMA, Netherlands

Huthwaite International is pleased to have received a certificate for the accreditation of our SPIN® Selling Skills program from the Sales Management Association, Netherlands.

The SMA is a professional association for sales professionals of all levels. The SMA gives opportunities for sales professionals to attend events, conferences, and and seminars where they can network, and share knowledge and experiences. The SMA holds up to 60 professional meetings annually, inviting national and international speakers.

As one of the oldest unions in the Netherlands, running for more than 40 years, the SMA is a highly respected and well known association in the Netherlands, offering accreditation to sales training courses which meet their high standards. Huthwaite are therefore very proud to have recently received accreditation.

SMA certificate_MarcoW.jpg

Marco Weijers , Country Manager Huthwaite International: "SPIN® Selling is the most widely validated and widely used behavioral model for consultative selling. We are very proud and happy with the accreditation by the SMA and we see this as a confirmation of the value of the SPIN® model for all sales professionals. The Huthwaite SPIN® Selling Skills Program contributes to the development of professionals in sales, business development or other customer -facing roles, and demonstrating value to (potential) customers is an important part of what one does - or should do. A major objective of the SMA is to bring a higher level of sales in the Netherlands and the accreditation indicates that our SPIN® model can contribute to it."

Read more about the recent accreditation, including comments from SMA's Association Manager Eiso Bleeker, on the SMA website.