Become a part of the online Huthwaite community

Whether you realised it or not, if you’re involved with Huthwaite International as a current or former client, a delegate, a coach, a supplier or an interested web visitor, you’re part of the Huthwaite community. Congratulations. Now, your community has become connected through our myHuthwaite portal.
Quite possibly, you’re one of the lucky few whose every interaction with us is already managed via myHuthwaite: your course bookings, your pre-course e-learning, your post-course reinforcement, your access to the SMARTTM coaching and measurement tool, use of our virtual training campus – even reading and video material chosen especially for you as an individual.
From today, we’ve made myHuthwaite available to everyone in the Huthwaite International community and, while we were about it, we redesigned its look and feel, and made many of its functions easier to use. This means that you can refresh your knowledge, keep up with latest thought in sales, negotiation and communication skills, and keep up to date on your team's development progress or plan your learning journey. With just one click you can find video explanations of how it all works, and great ways to help you and your organisation achieve behaviour change.

Click here to login/register with myHuthwaite and start exploring!