Celebrating 40 years of Huthwaite

Huthwaite International celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Based since 1989 at Hoober House, just a couple of miles from Wentworth Woodhouse, Huthwaite International has worked with the world’s largest corporations all around the globe – delivering across 6 continents and in 33 languages, two Queen’s Awards for International Trade, and a client list that includes the strongest blue chip companies and household names from every sector.

The company was founded by a group of researchers at Sheffield University who met in the late 1960s, led by founder Neil Rackham. They sought to discover what verbal behaviours were most commonly used by people with the greatest degree of success when selling and negotiating – compared with people who were only average performers. And in the early 1970s, companies such as BOAC (now part of BA), Kodak and Xerox asked them to come and share the learning with their sales teams. Hence the foundation of the company – originally at Huthwaite Hall in Thurgoland, in 1974.

Since that time,Huthwaite has helped hundreds of thousands of delegates from thousands of companies to achieve measurably improved results through the application of the meticulously researched and field tested Huthwaite success models. One client, IBM, has been on Huthwaite’s books continuously for 34 of those years, and many others are not far behind. Huthwaite has spent all of that 40 years innovating – expanding its portfolio of training to handle new challenges, such as the rise of procurement departments and remote selling.

In toasting his staff at a luncheon for the 70 staff based at Hoober House, which kicks off a year of celebrations, Huthwaite CEO said “Our continued success is a result of the talents and skills of our people, whatever their role, and of the continued faith that our clients across the globe place in our ability to deliver the results they are looking for. Here’s to the next 40 years.”

In a message sent from America where he now lives, founder Neil Rackham said “Less than one company in 100 makes it to 40 years.  It's testimony to the hard work and dedication of many people and it makes me proud that the organization I started all those years ago should be so successful today and still making such an important and useful contribution.  My thanks to all of you.”

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