Everything's negotiable

Piece on how to negotiate better, in PM magazine

Associate Director David Freedman has written an article covering Huthwaite International’s observational research, along with its brand new global survey data, on how people negotiate, and some of the behavioural traps they fall into. The piece appears in the December issue of PM, the magazine of the Professional Marketing Forum.

David’s thesis, borne out by Huthwaite’s global research and training experience, is that there is a great deal of work you can usefully do before you get face-to-face with the other people. But, when thinking about how to negotiate, “all the preparation and planning in the world will only get you so far in the negotiation. What really matters is what you say, and how you respond to what other parties say.”

How to negotiate: what the evidence says

In the article, entitled “Everything’s negotiable” David describes just how many situations we find ourselves in throughout our professional lives that are, in fact, negotiations – whether we realise it or not. And a little time spent reflecting on our verbal behaviour in each case always pays dividends.

Among David’s topics are:

  • Who negotiates, when and why? How is that different today from when Huthwaite began training negotiators?
  • How your irritating behaviour could cost you, and which phrases are best avoided in the light of research.
  • How are you feeling? Most unskilled negotiators don’t say anything like as much as they should about their inner thoughts and feelings.
  • Haggling gets you nowhere:  uncovering reasons for the other party’s positions is a better strategy than constant counter-proposing.
  • A good negotiated solution is usually attainable – if you have the skill to find it.

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