Five tips for the negotiating table Tips for negotiating

Effective tips for negotiating

Published on CITYA.M.

David Freedman, associate director at sales and negotiation experts Huthwaite International, authors ‘What do you bring to the table? – Five tips for negotiating.

Huthwaite research suggests that most people, in most places, get the skill of negotiation wrong, most of the time. This is costly. Sales people leave potential profit on the table. Buyers don’t get the best supplier terms. Colleagues from different departments fall out over resource allocation or project priorities. It needn’t be like this. We know that there are learnable and measurable verbal behaviours that can be the difference between success and failure at the negotiating table. Our research has confirmed that people know which behaviours they should use, but still don’t use them!

In this article, David shares five tips for the negotiating table to make your encounters more effective.

  • Do your homework the right way round
  • Ask more than you tell
  • Don’t be afraid of your feelings
  • Don’t be irritating
  • Counterproposals can be counterproductive