Granta Design turn to SPIN® Selling Suite

Granta Design turn to SPIN® Selling Suite

In a bid to build better relationships with their customers, Granta Design turns to Huthwaite International’s SPIN® Selling Suite to teach the company new skills and processes.

Making a material difference - SPIN® Selling Suite and Persuasive Case Analysis Tool

Published in The Manufacturer, Vice President of Global Sales at Granta Design, Richard Painter, shares the intervention by Huthwaite to introduce the SPIN® Selling Suite to shape and improve customer conversations, and to enhance training reinforcement.

The implementation stood out from many other Huthwaite projects by virtue of the highly innovative use to which many of the Huthwaite tools and models were put – and one in particular - Huthwaite's Persuasive Case Analysis (PCA).

The Persuasive Case Analysis tool aids to enhance reinforcement and intergration, both during and after training. Read more about Huthwaite's PCA tool in the full case study, here.

The results

There are some real adherents of the SPIN® method and particularly of the PCA in Granta now. As Painter says, “It has given our salespeople the confidence to talk about pay-offs, and a platform on which to demonstrate experience and give relevant anecdotes of situations similar to the one they are discussing with a customer.”

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