Huthwaite verbal behaviours in kitchen murder mystery

'Off the Menu' - verbal behaviour skills project

Crime drama and food programmes are all the rage these days, and Huthwaite International’s own research into verbal behaviours has formed the basis for this mouth-watering tale. The animated film, put together by year 6 pupils at Grenoside School in Yorkshire, illustrates the use and abuse of verbal behaviour skills, with the hapless sous-chef trying to bring order to the proceedings. As well as testing the children’s movie-making talents, the project that has been running for many months in conjunction with the Comino Foundation, is widely acclaimed for helping the youngsters improve communication skills that will aid them in their learning, their friendship groups, their transition to secondary schools and in their later careers.

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Find out more about the Verbal Behavioural Analysis (VBA) project here.

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Project outcome - impact of verbal behaviour skills

In another video Tony Hughes, CEO at Huthwaite International, gives an explanation of what VBA is and the impact of using certain verbal behaviours in a situation.

Dr Lynne Bianchi, Comino Foundation, links Huthwaite's VBA with science with the belief that "verbal behaviours underpin how we work as scientists." And Jenni Monach, Grenoside Primary School, shares hers and the children's experience of Huthwaite's VBA project.