Which departments do you consider the heroes of business?

Retail hails sales, but procurement sees a fail

YouGov survey 

Which departments do you consider the 'heroes' of your business? A recent study by YouGov with Huthwaite International asked just that. The survey, directed towards business decision makers across a range of sectors, reveals that sales skills are overlooked and undervalued in all industries except retail.

Here are some of the key survey findings:

  • Sales biggest hero in retail, on 32 per cent, but slips to third place across all industries, on 24 per cent.
  • Procurement languishing joint last with HR at only 9 per cent.

Other departments ranked in the research include IT, CEO and marketing communications, and Finance and accounting.

A press release along with online coverage below covers the full findings, along with comments from Tony Hughes, CEO of Huthwaite International.