Scattergun sales approach shown in new survey Sales traits

Are organisations lacking a professional sales approach to selling?

Further findings from a YouGov national survey, which formed part of Huthwaite International’s research into key sales traits, reveal the lack of sales methodology and sales approach in organisations.

  • 70% of business decision makers have admitted that their organisation’s salespeople do not have a systematic sales approach to engaging with customers and prospects.
  • Most large companies (67%) have no sales methodology.
  • Only 22% of British businesses have a single sales methodology.

  • 8% of British businesses don't know if they have a single sales methodology.

Some of the key findings also share insights into sector performance, and although no industry does particularly well in the survey, retail has the highest results:

  • 37% of organisations in retail have a common sales methodology.
  • Only 16% of manufacturing organisations have a systematic sales approach to selling.
  • Only 12% of respondents in construction have a sales methodology.

Read the full press release below. And read the initial findings from the survey here.