Sales Leadership Programme

A masters degree in sales for challenging times

New sales leadership programme

Huthwaite International has been shouting about the need for the world at large, and the academic world in particular, to see sales as a truly professional discipline, with the rigour and measurement that one would expect from a field of university study. Now Huthwaite and Sheffield Hallam University have decided to do something about it.

Anyone who has worked in high value business- to-business selling knows that it calls for intelligence, judgement, a vast spread of current technical and non-technical knowledge, behavioural skill, financial acumen, and many more attributes. Good salespeople are not born that way, any more than good physicists, economists or historians are. Today’s and tomorrow’s generations of  professional salespeople and sales leaders will need to couple their native intellect and personal gifts with research-based and solidly factual knowledge of how sales operations function, how buyers buy, and what factors are influencing the future of the marketplace.

As the world of sales becomes ever more challenging, you need talented people with the skills and knowledge to make the most of valuable opportunities in your market.

Huthwaite International have partnered with Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University to create a masters programme in sales leadership.

The two-year, part-time, MSc in sales and sales leadership programme will be modular and flexible.

  • The Short Award programme will include a reflective assignment and modules on the relationship between sales and marketing, and contemporary business environment.
  • The Post Graduate Certificate will augment the Short Award by offering modules on business performance, negotiation and innovation in sales methodology.
  • The Diploma will add a second year comprising modules on advanced leadership, change management and a reflective assignment.
  • The full MSc award requires an additional full length dissertation.

How your company can benefit

Attending this course will benefit the company by:

  • gaining a team equipped with the latest skills
  • seeing an increase in sales innovation
  • benefiting from work-based projects and improvement of your processes and methodologies
  • providing personal development opportunities which will enhance staff motivation and retention.

How your sales people will benefit

As a sales person starting out in your career, you will:

  • learn what it takes to succeed in the world of sales
  • gain skills that will help you advance your career
  • implement up-to-date sales methodology within your workplace, enhancing your reputation
  • share ideas and gain inspiration from a network of like-minded people.

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