New research: knowing what clients value most


26 November, 2013
Hoober House, Wentworth, South Yorkshire

New research: Working collaboratively, knowing what clients value most, and creating high quality value propositions, really do improve profit

Global survey from Huthwaite International shows link between “Creating and Capturing Value”, and business outcomes

Huthwaite International publishes latest research report detailing findings of new research across 30 countries in five continents which puts some finite definition around the much-misused term ”value”.

The research reveals how different types of customer interactions at different stages of the buying and engagement cycles are clearly related to the profit records of sales organisations. Above all, it reveals that outright challenges to customers’ thinking may not be a profitable behaviour; and that when it comes to writing value propositions – those all-important descriptions of what a company and its products and services bring to the customer – there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Those that scored highest on the Huthwaite scale of excellence invariably (86% of the time) came from companies who showed increased profit, whereas the majority of those that scored lowest did not report increased profits.

The study ran from mid-2012 to mid-2013, and surveyed 903 respondents in 30 countries.


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