Tony Hughes talks sales and negotiation success Sales and negotiation success

Tony Hughes interview with The Telegraph 

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Published in The Telegraph and Business Reporter, Tony Hughes shares practical tips on, not only what makes a successful sales person, but also on what makes an effective negotiator.  

“They are all about creating and capturing value." Hughes reports:

  • “Sales is about building value that your competitors cannot match through consultative conversations."
  • “Negotiation is about capturing value through the right kind of planning and the right verbal face-to-face behaviours.”

Huthwaite International helps people all over the world, in their local languages in the classroom and online, to excel at these skills and achieve sales and negotiation success.

Sales and negotiation success

Watch Tony Hughes share key insights into:

  • the problem of commoditisation and talent in organisations today
  • the importance of creating value
  • the link between sales and negotiation
  • major mistakes made by negotiators and the behaviours used by skilled negotiators
  • emerging trends in the sales environment
  • how Huthwaite International uses best practice, different learning journeys, and international capability to achieve lasting performance improvement.