Coaching for business performance improvement

Businesses using coaching for business performance improvement have the greatest potential to increase performance at a lower cost than almost any other initiative an organisation can take, yet it is a route too seldom travelled.

In the sales area, where it is relatively easy to measure performance change, we have found that a well-executed coaching programme can improve sales revenue by 25 per cent or more, while at the same time increasing sales profitability significantly. There is ample evidence that while it may be more difficult to measure the results of coaching in other areas of business, it can have a significant impact in a relatively short time frame.

How to achieve sustainable behaviour change when coaching for business performance

There is ample evidence too that many attempts at coaching end in disappointment and failure. Here are some guidelines on coaching for business performance improvement to help you to set up a coaching project with the best possible chance of producing real and lasting performance change.

  • Plan the coaching project with care – far too often, coaching fails because too little groundwork is put in before it begins
  • Enlist visible support from senior management - the full backing of senior managers can help to set expectations that coaching is a priority activity
  • Ensure the coaches have the necessary skills - Not all managers have the skills needed to coach their people
  • Start with the willing - Focus the initial effort on developing those people who are receptive to coaching
  • Focus on average performers first - This group of people are likely to show the fastest improvement for the coaching effort put in
  • Adopt an appropriate coaching style - Coaches need to adapt to the needs of their people
  • Coach the people selected regularly - To gain real performance improvement people need regular coaching

Taken together, these and many other coaching for business performance steps can be found in our whitepaper. Good coaching should ensure real and sustained results. What’s more it should bring a return far greater than the time and effort invested. Coaching really can bring levels of sustained change - few other approaches to people development can match.