SPIN® - a positive impact on sales a positive impact on sales

SPIN® - a positive impact on sales

Read Huthwaite International’s 2015 report on how SPIN® has made an impact on sales for Urgo Medical.

Achieving and sustaining a positive impact on sales
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The true test of training effectiveness is the success it brings to the organisation paying for it. No other measure really matters. Interesting content, enjoyable events and engaging trainers are all very well – but if the training project doesn’t change anything, it isn’t worth much.

We at Huthwaite International, and our client Urgo Medical, a leading wound care and dressings company, were of one mind about this when we began talking about a selling skills improvement project in 2013. They didn’t just want their entire UK sales force trained in the best consultative, persuasive skills model available; they also wanted to know how, where and when it was starting to change both the behaviour and the impact on sales results of the team. And for our part, we are always on the look-out for clients who are prepared to undertake a thorough productivity exercise as part of a project such as this.

Evidence of impact on sales


  • Urgo Medical have demonstrated that by using SPIN® selling skills, they have improved their call outcomes five fold
  • Sales have improved 19% in 2014 and 15.4% in 2015 to date.

SPIN® project in action

Many elements have contributed to the success of this project for Urgo Medical - all essential to achieving sustained behaviour change leading to a positive impact on sales:

  • Commitment and participation from the top of the organisation down
  • Benchmarking skill levels pre-training
  • Customisation to reflect real life
  • Participation from sales, sales management and marketing
  • Face-to-face learning which allows time to practice and receive feedback
  • Sustained coaching and workplace reinforcement

Impact on people

All the links in the chain are helping Urgo Medical’s business development community pull together.

  • The marketing team use their new behavioural skill to improve the content and to offer pin-point support to the sales team.
  • The sales team deploy SPIN® Selling skills in the field to conduct more engaging and purposeful calls with their busy customers.
  • The sales leadership team, and the coaches, support the change so that it continues to embed itself in the organisation over time.
  • The executive team see the change that is spreading over the business, and are delighted with the positive impact it has on results.

Huthwaite International and the Urgo Medical management team have rolled out a project whose impact on sales is evident today, and will still be paying dividends in the years ahead.

To find out more about how SPIN® has had a positive impact on sales for Urgo Medical, read the report now.