Winning more business in a recession


Increasing sales force productivity is always a high priority for most organisations and when times are tough it becomes critically important. How to achieve that increase is the challenge faced by all Sales Directors and Sales Managers. Many succeed when times are good, but only a few manage to increase sales during an economic downturn. It's easy to blame the economic circumstances for this lack of success, but it's only a partial explanation, adopting the wrong strategy is a major contributory factor. Research suggests lack of sales skills is the root cause of underperformance, not difficult trading conditions.

Working on sales force effectiveness can ultimately bring about an increase in their efficiency, as Xerox found nearly 30 years ago. The SPIN® selling skills training delivered to their sales force not only increased their sales results but reduced the number of sales calls needed to produce an order by 50%.This report provides tips on how you can create an effective sales force to increase productivity during difficult economic times and increase efficiency.