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“Huthwaite was one of the few companies that provided mechanisms for measuring progress. This was a great selling-point as far as we are concerned. With Huthwaite, we can find out if any improvement in performance is due to the individual’s response to the programme or to external factors.” Aggreko

Despite spending more than £30bn a year on improving employee performance, over half of UK companies have no idea whether it makes a difference to their profits, productivity or customer satisfaction. But at Huthwaite we believe in our process of measuring sales success.

We're not afraid to put our results under scrutiny, and our Huthwaite Approach - a four-stage consultative process - is unique in its accountability. We measure the impact of our behavioural change solutions at every stage to build up a true gauge of their return on investment.

Before: Measurement begins before we do anything else. We collect data on a number of live commercial interactions, record the outcomes and then benchmark your current skillset.

During:  We compare your current skillset to the behaviours needed to meet your objectives, and identify areas for improvement. This base level is used to measure the success of future behaviour change.

After:  We'll show you how to provide short and long-term reinforcement of your new skills. We can also help integrate our methodologies into your systems and processes to ensure sustained change and continued results.

Providing Proof that Our Approach to Behavioural Change Works

Here are just some of the clients that we've worked with to understand the results that our training has delivered to their bottom-line:

  • SPIN® - a positive impact on sales

    Read Huthwaite International’s 2015 report on how SPIN® has made a positive impact on sales for Urgo Medical. The true test of training effectiveness is the success it brings to the organisation paying for it. No other measure really matters.

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  • Motorola - SPIN® project overview

    It is not often that a group like Huthwaite International has the opportunity to have their work objectively evaluated by a disinterested outsider. Such an opportunity arose when Motorola Corporation engaged Martha Silliman to evaluate a pilot SPIN® Project in Canada, prior to a large-scale implementation.

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  • WF Electrical - The Huthwaite approach in action

    WF Electrical engaged Huthwaite International to implement a project to test the business impact of training and coaching their salespeople. Huthwaite implemented training and tracked behaviour change. WF Electrical tracked and measured financial results.

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  • SPIN® is embedded into the sales culture at Select Business Solutions

    How would you like to achieve 340% of your sales target? Steve Latchem, vice president of global business development and professional services at Select Business Solutions, achieved this as a direct result of trying SPIN®.

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  • RSA Canada - Huthwaite helps deliver all round sales improvement

    Following a major restructuring of the RSA Group, Huthwaite International, was appointed to develop a global training programme to improve selling skills – as an integral part of a broader change initiative to create a stronger sales-oriented culture.

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  • Bayer - Measurement is key to success

    Huthwaite's SPIN® Selling Skills programme includes measurement tools that enables sales managers to assess objectively to what extent selling skills have improved, which lead Bayer Diagnostics to choose it over other training suppliers by.

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