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The VBA (Verbal Behaviour Analysis*) Complex Negotiation programme is for anyone who negotiates as part of their job, whether as part of a team or as a principal negotiator, as a buyer or seller – or for intra-company negotiation. It provides delegates with advanced negotiation skills for more effective business negotiations.

Participants in the VBA Complex Negotiation Programme will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiation and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning, and a unique behavioural success model.

The learning will equip you, immediately, to avoid simple concessions, conclude sustainable deals, surrender less margin in a sale, save money in a strategic purchase, and have a framework for future negotiation.

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"Working with Huthwaite has given us real insights into the power of behaviour in ensuring success in our customer interactions. We are experiencing more positive outcomes and at the same time seeing real improvements in our bottom-line. Huthwaite’s flexible and tailored approach will continue to create value for both us and our customers into the future." ArcelorMittal

What will you get from the VBA Complex Negotiation Programme?

The aim of this programme is to deliver advanced negotiation skills to professionals involved in any form of negotiation in their role – whether as part of a team, as a buyer or seller or for intra-company negotiation.

By the end of this advanced negotiation skills programme, participants will:

  • have a framework for analysing the context of the negotiation and preparing an optimal negotiating position
  • differentiate between preparation and planning
  • be familiar with best practice tools
  • be able to plan a variety of tactics to manage movement towards a desired outcome 
  • understand how to open and conclude a negotiation
  • understand the concepts of levers and bargaining and how to apply them
  • be able to describe and use the key behaviours used by effective negotiators
  • be able to describe and avoid the behaviours that have a negative effect on negotiations
  • have strategies for maintaining a positive climate, dealing with ‘dirty tricks’ and overcoming stagnation or deadlock
  • have received constructive and objective feedback on their performance compared with the advanced negotiation Skills Model and created an Action Plan for continued development after the event.

Content of the programme

The content of this programme is based on years of extensive original research into successful negotiation behaviours, as conducted by Huthwaite International. It includes:

Preparing for the negotiation

  • Setting objectives.
  • Evaluating fallback positions.
  • The hierarchy of tradable issues and trade-offs.
  • Best, target and worst trading limits.
  • Calculating the cost of concessions.
  • Anticipating ‘their’ position and tactics.

Planning the negotiation

  • Evaluating strengths, weaknesses and the power balance.
  • Creative leveraged trades.
  • ‘Diminishing return’ concession strategy.
  • Common ground, long-term versus short-term issues.

Advanced negotiation skills

  • The researched VBA Success Model.
  • Skills for persuasion, managing the power balance and bargaining.
  • How to maintain the climate, resolve deadlock and conclude the right deal.
  • Handling low reaction and ‘dirty tricks’ by the other party.

Methodology & delivery

A typical three day programme consists of interactive exercises and several rounds of negotiation simulations – followed by expert feedback and review.

The small group negotiations are observed by a coach. Delegates are encouraged to analyse strengths and weaknesses of their preparation and planning processes, and then receive detailed feedback on their own behaviour profile compared to the Advanced Negotiation Success Model.

This cycle of input-practice-feedback helps to track the development of participants’ behaviour and equips them with an awareness of their own skills, together with a practical set of Huthwaite Negotiation Tools so that skill improvement can continue post-course.

The three day classroom event is staffed by three Huthwaite Consultants, for up to twelve delegates.

Customising the programme for your specific business needs

We have numerous customisation options to maximise the return on investment by aligning the event to your delegates’ real-world. These include:

  • Event duration (one to four days).
  • Buy-side, sell-side or mixed.
  • Pre-programme consultation to assess gaps in processes, skills and confidence levels using the Huthwaite Negotiation Quick Test.
  • Customised negotiation simulations.
  • Coaching to help embed the training.
  • Real deal workshops for negotiators using a Huthwaite coach.

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 *VBA stands for Verbal Behaviour Analysis, the research and training methodology that underpins all Huthwaite programmes and that aims to give you the skills to behave as closely as possible to our validated models of successful people achieving successful outcomes.