Commercial Negotiation Training for Businesses Commercial Negotiation Training

Commercial negotiators are responsible not only for securing deals for the business, but for securing the right deals. Businesses that invest in commercial negotiation training are investing in a more commercially skilled approach to the negotiation behaviours and process.

Our commercial negotiation training will help those people who negotiate on a commercial level, typically where there are several issues to be resolved. Those who benefit from this training include:

  • Procurement professionals
  • Buyers
  • Sales managers
  • Business directors
  • MDs and CEOs

Negotiation courses from Huthwaite International are based on over 40 years of experience in training provision. We invest heavily in research around sales and negotiations, which has enabled us to identify the behaviours of successful negotiators. We’ve distilled these behaviours into training courses developed to equip your teams with the skills they need.

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Training overview

We want to help your business. That means we like to work with you to customise the course towards a design that will best serve your organisation’s needs, and deliver the results you want, based on our experience and expertise in training provision.

Of course, the core components to these courses inevitably appear time and again. After all, we base your training on over 40 years of experience and a solid bedrock of observational research. Commercial negotiation training courses involve:

  • understanding the role of the negotiator
  • successful strategy planning
  • the behaviours of a successful negotiator
  • improving communication skills
  • Verbal Behaviour Analysis
  • managing power.

We can work with teams about to enter real live negotiations, by working through the case with them in a special workshop immediately before the all-important encounter.

Why invest in commercial negotiation training?

As a business person, you understand the importance of good negotiations. From landing the deal to ensuring the commercials are right, negotiations can have a real impact on your  bottom line. An investment in negotiation skills now can reap rewards well into the future.

Businesses investing in commercial negotiation training should expect:

  • improved negotiation skills
  • more effective communicators
  • clear negotiation strategies focused on achieving your business goals
  • practical tools for both preparation and planning before the negotiation, and during.

Don’t just take our word for it. Huthwaite International has been providing training to businesses for over 40 years and our range of client case studies show the results that can be achieved. The gains and savings our clients around the world have made by applying Huthwaite International negotiation skills run into billions.

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