Negotiation Skills - programme overviews Advance Negotiation Skills

We offer two negotiation training programmes. For people involved in complex, set-piece negotiations. And for people who negotiate often around smaller issues as part of their daily business life.

  • Negotiating skills

    VBA Negotiation (2 day)

    This negotiation training programme, for 12 participants, will help anyone who negotiates – however briefly and informally – as part of their everyday working life. Anyone who wants it to become second nature to structure their objectives, organise their preparation, plan their course of action, and know what to say and how to listen, will benefit from this highly participative and intensive event, preceded by easy-to-use self-paced e-learning.


  • Advance Negotiation Skills

    VBA Complex Negotiation (3 day)

    This negotiation training programme, is for people whose careers depend on negotiating agreements in which major issues are at stake. It is for key players in bids for the supply of goods or services; parties to outsourcing deals; participants in M&A transactions; procurement professionals; or mediators in industry or politics. You’ll examine and practise team preparation and planning for your and the other party’s positions; think ahead about the uses and abuses of power; and rehearse the verbal behaviours that correlate with success.