Sales coaching

Sales coaching is one of the best ways of creating lasting and measurable change as it reinforces classroom training and helps embed new skills into everyday situations.

The time most organisations can dedicate to classroom training is limited and, without the proper follow-up, it’s easy for delegates to forget new skills. But coaching ensures that these become second nature.

For 40 years we’ve been training managers in effective sales coaching in the workplace. Our projects range from one-to-one interventions for coaching individuals, to major global projects where we train hundreds of managers in coaching their sales teams for increased productivity and profitability.

We can train coaches in the areas of selling, negotiation, account strategy, major sales, proposal writing, presentations, management and key account management.

Our Training Courses

  • Coaching skills

    All the evidence suggests the maximum impact on your business, and return on training investment, is achieved when new skills are reinforced and embedded through coaching. We offer a range of coaching interventions, supporting all our key skill-sets. These can be based on an assumption that field accompaniment and live observation either will, or will not, happen, depending on your coaching culture and the resources available.

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  • SPIN® Sales Coaching

    All skills require support and reinforcement to help maximise return on investment. This coaching programme is aimed at sales managers and other personnel responsible for improving the performance of their salespeople and provides them with the skills, tools and techniques for specifically coaching and developing SPIN® Selling Skills.

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