Achieving excellence in Sales Training and Development sales training and development

The first requirements of any sales training and development programme are that it should quickly lead to better sales, and that it should stick. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Many veteran sales people can talk engagingly but generically about how they’ve won their big deals. Business schools can produce theoretical models for market segmentation and buyer types. But ultimately, results can only come from a real skills transfer and practice regime that addresses the simple questions: what is widely proven to work, and how, exactly, do I learn to do it?

For Huthwaite, the key is a robust and consistent record of closely analysing and recording what the best salespeople have done, and still do, day-in, day-out. Our research has enabled us to show our clients what thousands of good sellers – all over the world and in every industry – do when they plan their sales opportunities, prepare their sales meetings, sit down to talk with the prospective customers, record the outcomes and revise their strategy and tactics for further conversations. Then, through active exercises, customised role-plays, detailed behavioural feedback and personal behavioural profiles, we can make sure those good habits become your habits

What makes sales training and development reliable?

Huthwaite has spent 40 years helping clients examine the key behaviours that are integral to successful business winning. Whether the skills are chiefly those of planning how to become persuasive around the entire Buying Cycle (using our Account Strategy for Major Sales programme); or the very specific deployment of the most effective verbal behaviours to convey the benefits of your products and services in a face-to-face conversation (using the world-famous SPIN® Suite); or using your day to day service relationship with existing clients to leverage new sales opportunities, Huthwaite has studied the behaviours that actually work. It is those, and nothing else, that are the focus for our sales training and development programmes.

But the best means of making both sales training and development successful are not just what happens for two or three days in a classroom. Your sales people and account managers have a lifetime of selling to do after we train them, which is why we have devised a variety of materials, processes and technologies to support them over time. From equipping your managers to coach the front line sellers, to online self-development modules; from a CRM-linked Toolbox to regular automated skills refreshers. We’ve put the pieces in place for an end-to-end sales training and development experience that brings results.