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Your business cannot fulfil its potential and prosper unless it can sell. The good news is that selling is a skill that can be learned. As a leading sales training company, Huthwaite has helped businesses just like yours through providing bespoke training tailored to your needs; get in touch to find out more, or read on for more information.

An effective sales team is an integral part of any business’ success. But selling isn’t necessarily a skill you’re born with, but one which can be learned.

Indeed, the chances are that you already have the sales people inside your company who can make you successful – if they learn to do it right.

That’s where we come in.

Global Leaders in Sales Training Provision

Huthwaite International has over 40 years of global sales training and consulting experience, working with hundreds of thousands of sales people and sales managers from the world’s best companies, including Ernst & Young, Siemens, Fujitsu and Medtronic.

Our sales training methodologies are founded on a bedrock of original research into best practice in sales and negotiation. We have pioneered a number of techniques of which you may well have heard, including:

Our methodologies have been utilised and replicated across the world, and we continue to invest in further research to ensure our models stay up to date and to introduce new models to further improve sales in your business.

You can find out more about our methodologies in the links below, or using the navigation to the left. Alternatively, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss these further in conjunction with your specific needs.

Bespoke Sales Training for Your Business

We deliver results for you because our training models are based on fact, not on assumption. Our courses are crafted to your business, to ensure you get the results you need and achieve the return on training investment you’re looking for.

To complement our own research base, we look at:

You can be assured of a fully bespoke training solution because we ensure we fully understand your business and your requirements before we finalise exactly what your implementation will look like.

What’s Included?

Your training events and coaching interventions can be customised so that we produce the outcomes your sales operation needs. This means that no two training sessions are the same, but that all are based on our extensive expertise and our understanding of your company.

The skills and strategies you'll learn all correspond to crucial aspects of the buying process. Huthwaite have devised a Buying Cycle Model, to help sellers navigate the stages a buyer goes through when making a buying decision. We can also help you organise your end-to-end sales approach in ways that match the buyer’s decision-making process.

Verbal Behaviour Analysis

We provide training on one-to-one client/seller interaction, based on our Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA).

We have used VBA to identify what successful sales people do, and created best practice skills models so that everyone in sales has the chance to emulate the skills that lead to success.

We also implement VBA within each sales training course to analyse the current skill levels of delegates and identify areas that can be practiced during the course.

All Huthwaite sales training events are highly interactive and competitive, combining exercises, role-plays and real case work, backed up with reinforcement and measurement activities. That all ensures that the behaviour change you seek can make a direct impact – and go on making an impact – on the business itself.

Who can we help?

Of course, much of your business’ training also comes from internal sources. In addition to your sales people, we can help your sales managers, account managers, customer service people and sales coaches hone the skills that will give your whole team a consistent and coherent approach.

Discuss Your Sales Training Needs

You can find out more about our specific sales training methodologies below, or get in touch to discuss your sales training needs with our expert advisors.

Our Sales Training Courses

  • SPIN Selling Skills

    SPIN® Selling: Proven Techniques to Improve Sales

    The world’s most validated selling skills model, SPIN® lies at the heart of consultative, B2B selling. It looks at the behaviours used to effectively uncover and develop customer needs, build value and competitive differentiation, minimise objections and make high-impact benefit statements.

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  • SPIN® Sales Coaching

    All skills require support and reinforcement to help maximise return on investment. This coaching programme is aimed at sales managers and other personnel responsible for improving the performance of their salespeople and provides them with the skills, tools and techniques for specifically coaching and developing SPIN® Selling Skills.

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  • Marketing Skills

    SPIN® Marketing Skills

    All too often we see an inconsistency between sales and marketing messages, with sales taking an approach based on customer needs whilst marketing messages focus on product/service features and capabilities. This workshop eliminates that inconsistancy by providing marketing teams with the insights needed to create customer-centric, needs-based messages that support and enhance their sales colleagues’ value-focussed, SPIN®-based approach.

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  • Account Strategy for Major Sales

    This case-study based event is aimed at those involved in complex sales campaigns. It explores strategies and skills around areas such as navigating the decision making unit, matching decision criteria, competitive analysis and dealing with late-cycle concerns.

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  • PITCH Selling

    Aimed at those involved in shorter, less complex B2B sales environments, this programme looks at the skills used by sellers to effectively manage the customer interaction. It goes on to explore the skills used by effective sellers to establish customer needs, build value and make high impact capability statements.

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  • Sales for None Sales People

    Sales Training for Non-Salespeople

    At Huthwaite we have recognised that service/sales is not a binary state but a continuum, a progression from one to the other. So, by making the steps smaller, we can make your service people more sales aware, without asking them to become sellers and so make them able, and more importantly willing, to create value for all your customers, every time they meet

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