Account Strategy for Major Sales

The Huthwaite programme is aimed at individuals and/or teams that need the right mix of skills, processes and tools to win more opportunities. Built around a business simulation that recreates a competitive sales opportunity, delegates compete to devise and execute strategies and tactics that win the deal. Ultimately, it’s what delegates do face-to-face that wins or loses them the business - just as in real life.


By the end of the programme, each participant will:

  • create better access to the real decision makers and better verbalise their value proposition and business case
  • be able to describe the psychology of customer needs
  • navigate the DMU more effectively
  • demonstrate a proactive win strategy and be better prepared to handle the competition
  • describe their progress in the opportunity with clearer objectives around what to do next
  • pre-handle and manage late-cycle concerns.

Programme content

The Buying Cycle

  • How to map the decision making unit so that you are talking with the right people, at the right time, about the right issues.

Account Entry Strategy

  • How to find and interact with various key players within an account.
  • Focus of Receptivity, Focus of Dissatisfaction and Focus of Power.

Decision criteria

  • How customers arrive at the decision criteria they use.
  • How to influence the criteria in your favour.

 Competitive analysis

  • Principles of competitive advantage and ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ differentiators.
  • Buying criteria – how customers evaluate competitive offerings and how you can influence their Decision Guidelines in your favour.

Customer concerns about risk

  • Why sales stall close to the decision.
  • Why selling skills don’t help you at this stage.
  • How to resolve concerns to your advantage.

Methodology & practical issues

As well as orchestrating the business simulation, we give sellers coaching to embed these repeatable, real life skills. We help them to apply the learning to a real opportunity they have brought with them - using our opportunity management Tools where appropriate. This is typically a three day programme for up to twelve delegates delivered by two trainers. A two day, one trainer version without the simulation is also available.

Customisation options

  • The business simulation can be generic or fully customised and can be presented using Huthwaite Consultants, client staff, or third party specialists in the roles of buyers.
  • Pre-programme consultation to customise content, roleplays and exercises.