SPIN® Marketing Skills Marketing Skills

In this workshop, we pay close attention to real, current examples from your exisiting or planned marketing campaigns. We expect to provide a good deal of design flexibility based on each client’s marketing function and the type of activity they need to undertake, whether the bias is more towards traditional brochure and press activity, or heavily dependent on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the other social media.

The focus will be on understanding and applying SPIN® concepts to the marketing communications you generate, offering practical guidance and insights into best practice and how this can be integrated within your organisation.

SPIN®, is a researched model of verbal behaviour. It’s an acronym that stands for the different types of questions asked by successful sellers in high-value, business-to-business sales where the buyer has to see the value of the solution. For the sales force, the training has introduced a common language and a buyer focused way of thinking about the product or service you offer. Now it’s your turn in Marketing.

"Huthwaite International’s approach to sales and marketing has helped us define, develop and align our messages and promote our mission - that medical staff get patients better and out of hospital as effectively and quickly as possible." Biomet Europe


By the end of the SPIN® Marketing Skills programme, participants will:

  • understand the psychological process customers go through when making major buying decisions and the implications for Sales and Marketing
  • be able to conduct competitive analysis at a market and product level to leverage branding and differentiators
  • be able to build a comprehensive persuasive case around their strongest differentiators
  • have applied SPIN® based messages in their real case marketing examples
  • have evaluated how customer-centric their existing marketing examples are.

Programme content

The Buying Cycle

  • The psychological phases that buyers go through when making significant buying decisions.

The SPIN® Selling Skills model

  • How successful salespeople create the need for change then influence the customer’s perception of value for their solution.
  • The most persuasive way to talk about your solutions.

Decision Guideline analysis

  • A methodology to evaluate the customer’s buying criteria and optimise your competitive position around your key differentiators.

Persuasive Case analysis

  • Using SPIN® to reverse-engineer your products or services to arrive at the added value the customer will gain from your solution.

Customer concerns

  • Why they arise and how they block sales.
  • How the right marketing messages can pre-handle and neutralise them.

Product launches

  • Perfectly good new products sometimes fail to achieve the post-launch results expected of them. Very often, it’s salespeople who get the blame – we have research that suggests that the way that Marketing launched the product is at fault
  • How Marketing can position new products as problem solvers to prompt early adoption by customers and help the sales force make full and immediate use of their SPIN® selling skills.

Methodology & practical issues

This two-day SPIN® Marketing Skills workshop is facilitated by a Huthwaite consultant for up to twelve delegates.

Real case work is integral to the design and this would be identified, and teams allocated to cases, before the workshop starts.

Customisation options

The workshop format lends itself to being customised to meet your exact needs. We are more than happy to discuss format and content.