PITCH Selling

The PITCH Selling Skills programme is appropriate for anyone involved in the sale of products or services where one to three interactions are needed to secure a sale and buying decisions are made by one or two decision makers. It will suit face-to-face and telephone based sellers, operating in either business to business or business to consumer sales environments, if they need a consultative sales approach that differentiates products and services against the competition, based on the customer’s needs.

"If we want to justify a price premium, we really need to understand our customers’ needs, to show that we can meet their requirements. Building relationships has been the basis of our success, our new questioning techniques are putting our customers and their requirements at the heart of the relationship from the very first meeting." Oxford Innovation


By the end of the programme, each delegate will have improved their ability to:

  • identify where their customers are in their decision process, and adapt their approach accordingly
  • understand what motivates – and prevents – customers from making buying decisions
  • use appropriate questions to identify customer needs
  • identify the key differentiators for their products and solutions
  • describe solutions persuasively
  • structure their conversations effectively and adapt that structure appropriately
  • plan and prioritise sales approaches
  • carry out effective opening statements on prospecting calls
  • increase the value of the sale, to generate additional revenue and profit. 


  • Why customers buy – the stages of making a purchasing decision.
  • Competitive differentiation.
  • The PITCH model:
    • Presenting yourself: Prioritising prospects, effective call planning and persuasive outbound opening statements
    • Investigating needs: Clever questioning to uncover needs and buying criteria that align with differentiators
    • Tempting customers: Persuasive descriptions of how products / services meet customer needs
    • Commitment gaining: Attaining high levels of commitment, reducing and handling objections
    • Handing over: Positive call conclusion and next steps
  • Growing the sale through add-ons and up-selling.

Methodology and practical issues

The programme comprises input, exercises, discussions, roleplays and real world application. Delegates work in small groups and pairs to practise applying PITCH behaviours, and analyse their own skills against the PITCH behavioural framework. It is usually delivered by one Huthwaite consultant for a maximum of twelve delegates.
The PITCH programme is modular. The first day of the programme covers the core skills and behaviours effective in consultative selling regardless of the sales environment in which sellers operate.
The second day of the programme would consist of whichever module below is most appropriate to your sales environment and needs, or could be delivered over three days if both modules are relevant:

Winning New Business

Where prospects are targeted on a proactive basis, through for example, outbound telephone campaigns and early enquiry follow-ups, or where prospects enquire to the sales team but are still at an early stage of exploring the market. Includes persuasive opening statements, handling initial objections, establishing the case for a customer to consider change.

Growing the Sale

Where prospects or existing customers are later in their decision making process, with a clearer understanding of their own needs and potential suppliers. Includes a focus on growing the value of the sale through identifying needs for add-ons and up-sells, persuasively describing solutions that are differentiated from the competition, and handling objections and concerns.

Customisation options

To maximise your return on investment, we can incorporate the following activities into a PITCH project:

  • Pre-programme consultation to create customised roleplays and exercises.
  • Pre and post programme measurement of skills against the PITCH behavioural framework; to provide data for benchmarking and on-going development.
  • Training of PITCH coaches to support the continued development of sellers.
  • Analysis of the impact of PITCH on skills, confidence and results.
  • Multi-lingual roll-out.