SPIN® Selling: Proven Techniques to Improve Sales SPIN Selling Skills

SPIN® Selling

 selling was developed by Huthwaite International, based on extensive research into what makes a successful salesperson. We continue to deliver world-class SPIN® sales training to businesses both globally and locally.

The Huthwaite SPIN® Selling Skills programme is aimed at anyone in sales, business development or in some other customer-facing role where demonstrating value to a prospect or customer is an important part of what you do – or should be doing.

The programme provides an opportunity for genuine skill development as a platform for making a permanent behaviour change that will positively affect sales performance.

It provides insights into how buying decisions are made and the SPIN® best practice model leads delegates to achieve sales advances that build value for both customers and their own organisations.

The programme includes real world planning sessions to ensure that the new skills become embedded and that you achieve long-term sales improvements.

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We also offer a comprehensive sales and marketing training solution built around SPIN® called the SPIN® SuiteFind out more here.

What is SPIN® Selling?

The world’s most validated selling skills model, SPIN® lies at the heart of consultative, B2B selling.

It looks at the behaviours used to effectively uncover and develop customer needs, build value and competitive differentiation, minimise objections and make high-impact benefit statements.

SPIN® was developed by Huthwaite International and remains one of the most widely recognised and popular sales methodologies, used by businesses across the globe, including ZurichBayer, INVISTA,  and Fujitsu.

The SPIN® Selling Training Programme

The aim of the SPIN® Selling Skills training programme is to arm your customer-facing staff, be they sales, business development or any other role that requires they demonstrate value to your customers, with the techniques to do so effectively.

Built on years of original research by Huthwaite International, the SPIN® Selling Skills programme has already helped businesses across the globe to improve their sales figures. Take a look at this quote from a Huthwaite International customer:

"For the first time we had to learn to listen rather than simply talk to our customers. Easy to say, much harder to achieve... However, improving the consultative sales skills (SPIN®) of our people in this way, as part of a more systematic process, offered us a unique opportunity to create clear competitive advantage for RSA in a tough insurance marketplace.RSA

What to Expect

By the end of the SPIN® Selling Skills programme, participants will:

  • have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style
  • be able to describe the psychology of customer needs
  • understand how major buying decisions are made
  • be able to influence all members of a decision making unit
  • have demonstrated the key behaviours used by effective salespeople in their verbal interactions with customers
  • have a framework for planning sales calls in terms of these behaviours
  • have practised behaviours that greatly reduce the likelihood of objections
  • have frequently and objectively measured their performance compared with the skilled behaviour model and created an action plan for continued development of the skills after the programme.

All of these development areas enable participants to improve their sales skills.

We understand that your needs may differ from those of another company and it is for this reason that all of our training programmes are designed bespoke to you. Get in touch today to discuss your specific needs with us and we can craft a programme focused on your goals.

Programme Content

The content of the programme is based on extensive original research by Huthwaite into what makes an effective sales person. It includes:

  • The psychology of customer needs.
  • Opening the call.
  • Uncovering and developing customer needs.
  • The SPIN® Selling Skills model.
  • Situation Questions.
  • Problem Questions.
  • Implication Questions.
  • Need-payoff Questions.
  • Demonstrating Capability.
  • Practical tools to analyse and organise a Persuasive Case.
  • Obtaining Commitment.
  • Objections – prevention and handling.
  • Methodology & practical issues.
  • An Interactive approach to learning

We believe that learning is doing, so the SPIN® Selling Skills programme is highly interactive with formal inputs interspersed with high levels of delegate activity.

It involves participants working in small groups or pairs to practise and receive feedback on their skills, set against the success model. Role plays are digitally recorded and analysed using the SPIN® analysis tool to provide objective feedback and targets for behavioural improvement.

Participants receive a practical workbook and a comprehensive reference book, both designed for use during and after the programme, so that the process of reinforcement starts at the moment the training ends.

Programme Delivery Options

The programme is available as a comprehensive three-day classroom programme, a two-day blend of web-based knowledge and classroom based integration, or in a modular virtual format that allows participants from different parts of the world to participate in live training simultaneously.

It is usually delivered by one Huthwaite consultant for a maximum of 12 delegates (or 8 for virtual).

Customisation options

To maximise the return on investment from the programme our approach can, if you wish, incorporate the following activities in addition to the training itself:

  • Pre-programme consultation to customise programme content, roleplays and exercises.
  • Pre-programme measurement of skill level to provide a benchmark for post-programme assessment.
  • Integration with Huthwaite SPIN® Toolbox.
  • Integration with client CRM.
  • Training of, and alignment with, your Marketing function through SPIN® Marketing Workshops.
  • Multi-lingual rollout across the world.
  • Coaching and reinforcement, through SPIN® Coaching Skills and a variety of online or face-to-face integration tools and events.

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