SPIN® Suite Sales training courses

SPIN® Selling is the world’s most widely-used and successful model for consultative sales. The SPIN® Suite is the next step forward in the provision of a total sales and marketing training solution built around SPIN® Selling.

The new SPIN® Suite responds to you, our customers, and your developing needs. It brings together many elements of our SPIN® training, pre-work, coaching and reinforcement, complemented by the new-look SPIN® Marketing workshop. You can see how one company - Urgo Medical - making use of each element of the SPIN® Suite, has enjoyed positive, measurable impact in its business this year. Could your business be next for the SPIN® Suite effect? It is, more than ever, informed by our on-going original research into current sales topics such as the link between service and sales, changing perceptions of value, and the prominence of procurement nowadays.

Now, everything about SPIN® is more international and more digital.

There are new online pre-work and refresher modules available – just like the training materials themselves – in every major business language in use across the world. That’s true global capability, direct and exclusively from the creators of SPIN® Selling and owner of the SPIN® trademark in over 50 countries.

Get in touch with us to find out what the SPIN®Suite can offer your business in terms of a sales and marketing training solution, or read on for more information.

Introducing the SPIN® Suite

See what Tony Hughes, Huthwaite International CEO, has to say about the new SPIN®Suite:


A total sales and marketing training solution

The SPIN®Suite is the ideal solution for businesses looking to take their sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

So, what’s in the new SPIN® Suite?

The SPIN® Suite provides you and your business with all the key elements you need for an effective and long-lasting implementation – one that will really change the way your customer-facing people address the market at all levels, from the global messages to the individual sales call, and all the stops in between.

The three main elements that make up the SPIN® Suite are:

SPIN® Selling

SPIN® Selling
is the heart of the SPIN® Suite, and indeed the heart of the global consultative selling revolution.

When companies sell, the enlightened ones now recognise that they need their salespeople to be well prepared, in-tune with the customer’s needs and goals, persuasive, behaviourally subtle, and able to keep each conversation moving towards a positive customer commitment.

But because the traditional classroom isn’t the only way to deliver learning nowadays, we’ve a range of brand new digital SPIN® materials for your use at all points of your training journey.

SPIN® Selling is the skill set that gives them all of those things, and more.

SPIN® Coaching and Reinforcement

SPIN® Coaching
, the supercharger in a SPIN® Suite implementation.

The training courses will give your people new insights and new skills. What happens next will determine the success of your business.

When people introduce new behaviours they need to practice them assiduously and accurately if they are to stick and have an impact. The correct use of SPIN® behaviours can be analysed objectively in the field, criticised impartially, and continually improved.

SPIN® Coaching gives your managers and others the tools to sustain behaviour change, measure its effect, and make a real difference in the long term.

We’ve made our SMART™ system for measuring and reporting the behaviour change of your people easier to use on today’s devices – together with a new series of online SPIN® refresher modules in every major international business language.

SPIN® Marketing

SPIN® Marketing
, the thread that ties your individual interactions and your wider messages together.

Companies that adopt SPIN® Selling quickly come to regard it as the best means they have to persuade customers to change, and to buy from them. Marketing people deserve the opportunity to have the same impact on their audiences too, so that prospects hear the same needs-based messages at the top end of the business development funnel as they do when they sit down to discuss a deal with a seller.

How is the SPIN® Suite delivered?

The choice of delivery methods includes:

  • an all-classroom programme
  • a blended schedule of e-learning plus classroom
  • a totally virtual training campus where trainer and delegates can be in any location anywhere in the world with live training in real time.

We’ll work with you to find the most effective and appropriate delivery method for your business to ensure you get the most out of your investment in sales and marketing training in the SPIN®Suite.

Other elements of the SPIN® Suite for ease of implementation in your business include:

  • a range of integration, reinforcement and measurement tools, such as electronic SPIN® Tools and the soon to be available SPIN® App
  • our unique SMART system for analysing the real-life effects of training and coaching on the actual behaviour of salespeople available on your tablet device
  • easier than ever methodology for customising practical role play elements according to market, and a range of sector-level role plays for the wide variety of industries Huthwaite International serves.
  • Refreshers, available digitally and in multiple languages, to keep all of your SPIN® practitioners at the top of their game

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