SMART coaching Sales training courses

When you invest in training you want to know two things once the project is in full swing.  Is it working?  And what do we need to do now to ensure that it carries on working?  By “working” we mean that it delivers the change in behaviour that will produce the change in results that prompted you to undertake the training in the first place.

Once we have taught your sellers how to use SPIN® behaviours, and your coaches how to coach them, we have SMART - a System for Measuring and Reinforcing Training.  SMART is available as an online tool, used on your laptop or iPad, or as an offline iPad app.  SMART tracks the coaching that is delivered and the resulting impact on the performance of your sales people.   

Coaches use the tool to record the outputs from their observation and review of a sales person’s call planning, call execution and call notes.  They use this information to structure effective coaching and to record the actions that are agreed.  These actions often require the sales person to access specific performance support materials and tools and the system will enable the coach to review whether, and to what extent, this has been done.

SMART represents Huthwaite's belief in behaviour change over a specified coaching period.  The recorded inputs and coached outputs are plotted against successful call outcomes giving you information at every required level – individual, regional, divisional, management group, national – on the success of the SPIN® skills and processes, the effectiveness of the coaching and the future interventions that may be needed to make them even better.