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SPIN® Suite delivery options - making behavioural change happen

The route to behavioural change is not always a linear process. Organisations vary greatly in their structure, their culture and the way that they operate. Therefore implementing a behavioural change programme requires a set of flexible options to help satisfy the unique needs of your organisation. Your Huthwaite account manager will work with you to develop different methods of delivery using some, or all of the options below.

With all of them, we’d work with you to fine tune the design and, if appropriate, customise the materials, exercises and roleplays to replicate the real-world selling environment your people face. This minimises the gap between learning and the real world and maximises the potential return on your investment.

Classroom classic

For clients across the world, this remains the most popular option. It retains its appeal because clients want to bring their people together in one place to maximise the learning, discuss real world application and have it delivered ‘live’ by Huthwaite’s world-class trainers with passion, panache and professionalism. Because of our network of international partners around the globe, this option is available in over 40 countries and 30 languages.

This is typically a three-day programme at a venue of your choice with one trainer working with a maximum participant group of 12. Other designs and configurations are available and your account manager will be happy to discuss these with you.

Blended learning

This option is ideal if you want to minimise your people’s downtime and are happy that they can work their way through the theory of SPIN® individually. It comprises two elements:

  • A self-managed e-learning package that conveys the theory of SPIN® and sits within a Learning Management System that monitors, assesses and reports student progress.
  • A two-day, trainer led classroom event that concentrates on practice and feedback to help your people apply the theory they have learnt and develop the associated skills.

The e-learning involves three to four hours individual study, preferably spread across a few days. It is available in a number of languages. A knowledge test at the end qualifies participants to attend the classroom event.

The two-day classroom led event will be held at a venue of your choice with the same trainer : participant ratio as the classic version.

Virtual Training Campus

Until recently, if your sales force was widely distributed, you’d have to face substantial costs and potential logistical challenges to bring them together. Huthwaite’s virtual training campus gives you the opportunity to bring geographically-dispersed groups together for highly interactive, short training sessions, where the focus is still on the development and refinement of behavioural skill. Working generally with smaller groups and a higher trainer : delegate ratio than in the face-to-face classroom also allows the training to be more individually focused, with participants receiving more one-to-one feedback from our experts.

This virtual option also provides greater flexibility around when the training is delivered. The event typically spans five, half-day sessions, however these training days do not have to be consecutive.

We also offer one-off refresher and coaching sessions to reinforce the application of the behavioural skills. This can be combined with either the virtual or face-to-face programme.

Supporting behavioural change in the workplace

Training courses, on their own, do not guarantee behavioural change. It is what happens back in the workplace that makes the real difference to the learner’s behaviour. Our research shows that the most effective way to reinforce and embed learning is through coaching. Each programme in the SPIN® Suite comes with a set of practical tools specifically designed to support the development of SPIN® skills. In addition, there are a number of activities that support the coaching process such as refresher programmes and the use of virtual classroom technology. By discussing these options with your Huthwaite account manager, you can work out the most appropriate approach for your organisation.