Verbal Communication Skills Verbal communication skills

To say that everyone needs verbal communication skills is to state the obvious. But for Huthwaite, these skills are not a woolly, subjective or personality-based set of attributes. They are specific, research-based, objectively measurable and learnable. So when we say that somebody is a good communicator, effective manager, runs good meetings or handles conflict well, it’s because we can record, analyse and interpret their verbal behaviour, and compare it with profiles that correlate with success. We listen with an expert ear to what people say in those situations, and assess it against a tried and tested template for effectiveness.

Those profiles are drawn from the Huthwaite model for Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA).We use our model as the solid base for a variety of specialised verbal communication skills training programmes. We always begin VBA programmes with a thorough, practical grounding in what the core communicating behaviours are and how they can be applied. We make sure that delegates can practise them with confidence and self-awareness before looking at how we apply them in specific workplace scenarios.

Then we build those skills into role-plays and real world examples, so delegates can understand, from the inside, how to play your part in effective meetings, how to persuade people and influence them strategically or how to handle difficult people. The design can be flexible, because we understand that in any group of people, while everybody will need the core verbal communication skills, some will need to apply them in different situations from others. So our implementations are all about modules, customisation, and design accuracy. From there, we don’t assume that a couple of days together in a training room will revolutionise your communications climate overnight. We consider the long-term skills requirement, and how to measure, reinforce and cement what we have learned together.

  • Improving communication skills

    Improving Communication Skills

    This programme is aimed at anyone whose professional life involves making a case to others, finding solutions to problems in a group setting, handling potentially contentious issues or people, building and managing a successful team. Gain insight into the underlying research, a full first-hand understanding of the verbal behaviour categories and their application.

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  • Outstanding service

    This event is built around the CARE model, a behavioural framework for ensuring customers receive a consistent and consistently excellent experience at every touch point. Equally appropriate for internal or external service personnel it covers the skills required to effectively build rapport, uncover customers’ issues and needs, and demonstrate a company’s ability to meet their requirements.

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